The eBM 5 BMS has been developed to ASIL C against ISO26262:2018 (Road vehicles — Functional safety). The BMS can be configured to achieve the safety goals of the battery and vehicle system on a wide variety of different vehicle architectures and application. The system is built around a Sub-Pack Battery Management System (SBMS) board which provides all necessary core functions, covering both safety and application.

The SBMS is used in conjunction with our Cell Monitor Circuits (CMC). Each CMC provides 36 channels of cell voltage measurements and twelve channels of temperature measurement. Up to five CMC-36 units may be used in a system. Communication between the CMC and SBMS is by a daisy-chained 2 wire ISO-SPI channel, with isolation rated up to 800V. The CMC provides passive cell balancing with up to 116mA current capability, controlled via the SBMS software.

Up to eight SBMS may be used in a single system to manage multipack applications. The SBMS uses a smart-chaining concept, meaning that no additional hardware or gateway is required to provide an interface to the vehicle controller. A single interface to the first pack SBMS manages all of the internal communications with the other packs.

The BMS is externally accredited by the team at TUV, an accredited testing laboratory and certification body.

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