ZEEbus was formed by the teams from Ralph Hosier Engineering Ltd., bringing decades of experience in mainstream automotive development and EV powertrains, and Loansdean Hill Ltd. with an industry recognized excellent capability in bus re-powering.

ZEEbus are repowering diesel buses to use the latest, cleanest and most efficient Electric Vehicle and Fuel Cell technology. Retaining most of the original bus to minimize waste and environmental impact.

Key figures

Diesel Bus conversion
Product Type
Prototype concept
August 2022
Project start
Project completion

Project description

The work with the experts at Potenza started in August 2022 to develop the BMS solution for a complex distributed multi-pack installation which is at the heart of our unique conversions.

Working with the experts at Potenza has allowed us to develop a unique battery solution that has given us the edge in our market. Working with their team has been invaluable, their extensive knowledge and ability to react to our requirements has made the development process highly productive.
Ralph Hosier, Founder, ZEEbus

Which products were used

Potenza eBM 5

Potenza presents a new generation battery management system designed for commercial vehicle applications

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