Potenza Technology, a leading innovator in electric and hybrid-electric vehicle systems, showcased its ground-breaking battery management system (BMS) at the Cenex-LCV show at UTAC Millbrook, held from September 6-7, 2023.

Potenza Technology’s BMS is intelligently designed to maximise cost efficiencies and on-road performance. The system is fully compliant with ISO 26262 ASIL C standards, delivering world-leading quality to the same standards of bespoke solutions and higher, while significantly reducing upfront vehicle development costs.

Offering full battery system capability, Potenza Technology designs and manufactures its fifth-generation battery management system in-house, overseeing development of the technology from the circuitry through to the final application layers.

The state-of-the-art battery management system is defined by flexibility and scalability. With a highly modular design at its core, it is compatible with 400- or 800-volt battery systems, which can be configured at an application level to optimise vehicle efficiency and performance. This enables OEMs to maximise the system’s effectiveness for each use-case, across the mobility spectrum – from commercial vehicles through to hypercars.

“Fully focused on delivering industry-leading cost-efficiency and maximum performance, our fifth-generation battery management system represents everything that Potenza Technology stands for. From the system itself to our manufacturing strategy, our solution is fully scalable. We have the capability to manufacture volumes in the hundreds all the way up to 50,000 units – allowing us to support the niche vehicle industry and mass market to accelerate the development of e-mobility solutions that meet customer needs, both now and in the future.”
Richard Devenport, General Manager & Head of Engineering, Potenza Technology